“SOUND” Cultural Foundation

SOUND Cultural Foundation is a non profit, non political and independent entity that aims at promoting artistic, educational, cultural and social projects. It is also affiliated with the International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM) and collaborates with the Romanian National Association of Choral Music (ANCR), Romanian Association of Choral Singing and other related organizations which have a common goal of improving the cultural, artistic, social and educational environment within the Romanian children and youth. SOUND Cultural Foundation has set as main directions to: – promote the Romanian cultural identity by encouraging young people to embrace the artistic fields that keep alive and develop the Romanian national traditions; – stimulate creativity within society by adopting a coherent and organized training system of children and youth between 3 – 18 years old; – use the music, dance, visual arts and theater as tools to increase self awareness and develop communication skills. SOUND Cultural Foundation’s greatest achievements are: – THE NATIONAL CHORAL MUSIC SYMPOSIUM – An annual event destined to provide support to music teachers dedicated to choral activity, conductors of children and youth choirs and other people dedicated to this field. The lst edition took place during 24-27 of May 2001 and it was supported by the European Culture Centre in Sinaia. The guests were reputed professors from the National Music University in Bucharest, members of Romanian Composers and Musicologists Union and Music Critics Union, while the participants were conductors of children and youth choirs with outstanding results in national and international competitions. – INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CHORAL SINGING – This project was initiated in 1990 by composer and conductor Alberto Grau from Venezuela and it is now an annual event on the International Federation of Choral Music calendar (IFCM). On December the 10th, 2000, for the first time in Romania, the SOUND Cultural Foundation organized this event called “ONE MILLION VOICES FOR YEAR 2000” and 46 Romanian choirs from 12 cities, numbering 2200 amateur and professional choristers vibrated at the same time with another 1 million singers around the world.