About us

SOUND Choir is a mixed choir (SATB) with a flexible structure generated by the nature of its repertoir and events it participates in. The choir was founded in 1994 as part of the Students Culture House in Bucharest and it’s comprised of students of and graduates from various Bucharest universities. The choir’s repertoir has been drawn up in order to appeal to many categories of audience and includes a wide range of works from the Romanian and universal heritage: religious pieces, authentic and transcribed folklore, Renaissance works, traditional pieces, spirituals, as well modern and entertainment works. SOUND has participated in numerous national and international festivals and contests and won the hearts of the public and jurries. Conductor Voicu Popescu has also won several Best Conductor Awards in some of these competitions.

Weekly rehearsals on Mondays and Fridays – 18:30-21:00
Address: Calea Plevnei 61, sect.1, Bucharest 010223, room no 5, ground floor
Conductor: Voicu Popescu

SOUND Cultural Foundation is a non profit, non political and independent entity that aims at promoting artistic, educational, cultural and social projects. It is also affiliated with the International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM) and collaborates with the Romanian National Association of Choral Music (ANCR), Romanian Association of Choral Singing and other related organizations which have a common goal of improving the cultural, artistic, social and educational environment within the Romanian children and youth. The Foundation’s main goals are to promote the Romanian cultural identity by encouraging young people to embrace artistic fields that keep alive and develop the Romanian national traditions; to stimulate creativity within society by adopting a coherent and organized training system for children and youth between 3 – 18 years old and use the music, dance, visual arts and theater as tools to increase self awareness and develop communication skills. SOUND Choir Foundation’s greatest achievements are: THE NATIONAL CHORAL MUSIC SYMPOSIUM and THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CHORAL SINGING